Hi and welcome :)

My name is Joce Aucoin. I’m a writer and artist, co-owner of the late/great Lujo Records, author/illustrator of poetry comic, Multitudes, creator of the Creative Guts online community, etc. etc..

The only thing you really need to know: I like to create and help others create.

Jump + Pray is a newsletter about that. In my weekly letters I share what I’m learning as I make art — along with books, music, and other people/places/things that are inspiring me.

Creativity is brave

Living a creative life (in a capitalist society) is brave. I hope you create what’s in your heart to create and I hope that if you’re having trouble doing that, that this little newsletter can get you closer.

Where you’ll find me

Of course, you can subscribe to Jump + Pray. Emails are weekly(ish) and short. I try to keep it around a 3 minute read.

You can also support my Patreon. $5/month gets you a postcard of original art in the mail (actual, real mail!) every month.

Lastly, if online community is your thing, join the Creative Guts Discord. It’s a friendly, vibrant and supportive community of makers, artists and creatives. Pop in and say hello.

Joceaucoin.com is my home on the web. Thank you for reading, I hope you live a big, creative life!

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Joce Aucoin

Hi, I'm Joce. Artist + Writer. I like to create and help others create.